Claims against brokers and agents
Was your claim for water in your basement denied because your policy did not contain a “sump pump” or “water backup” endorsement? Did you receive insufficient funds from your insurance company to repair your loss because your policy had coverage limits that were too low?

Quite often, when an insurance claim is denied, or the policy’s coverage limits are insufficient to fully cover a claim, it is due to the fault of your insurance agent or broker. Insurance agents and brokers have certain duties and obligations to you, as the purchaser of an insurance policy. Failure to properly advise and assist you in obtaining appropriate insurance coverage can result in significant costs and expense to you, which are not covered by your insurance policy. We have decades of experience in pursuing claims against insurance professionals for:

  • Failing to obtain a policy with sufficient monetary coverage limits
  • Failing to offer appropriate coverage for your property
  • Failing to offer the best coverage available
  • Failing to advise you of other relevant coverage options
  • Failing to provide requested coverage


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